Top 5 Tik Tok Accounts  for Mandarin


Tik Tok is the latest social media sensation taking the world by storm. It has grown in rapidly in popularity over the past few years and its short form video content can actually be an incredibly useful learning tool, with lessons being light and easy to digest. This makes it easy to tune in daily and practise what you learn in your spare time.

There are many account out there linked to Mandarin learning. Most of them are aimed at beginner and intermediate learners but there is also a wealth of cultural and informal language content that will be of interest to more advanced students. 

Below we've comprised a list of our absolute favourite accounts to follow when learning Mandarin. Check them out and be sure to let us know if there's one you want to add to the list!

5. @everydayeasychinese

Level: Beginner

Educational Content: ️️️️️

Cultural Elements:

As the name suggests, everydayeasychinese provides short, easy to follow Mandarin lessons that can be watched every day to help beginners pick up and improve their Chinese speaking and listening. 

The host speaks slowly and clearly and all number of topics are covered from essential phrases to funny insults. The channel covers grammar and vocabulary very well but also touches on cultural aspects of Chinese life and how it influences language.

Perfect for beginners, this channel is a must if you are just getting started.

4. @chinesemasterrr

Level: All levels

Educational Content: ️️️️️

Cultural Elements:

@chinesemasterrr is another teacher led learning account, with certain words or phrases being explained directly to camera by a Mandarin teacher. 

This account takes things to a more advanced level than @everydayeasychinese, discussing culture in more depth and touching on more advanced linguistical elements.

The teacher makes things fun, using visuals effectively and  including English subtitles so even the most elementary students can follow what's happening. 

This is a great all round channel for learners to pick up useful phrases alongside regular lessons.

3. @Chinese.handwriting

Level: All levels

Educational Content: ️️️️️

Cultural Elements:

Chinese handwriting is notoriously difficult for non-native speakers to learn. While many students spend hours familiarising themselves with printed characters, it can be an entirely different ballgame trying to read a native Chinese speaker's actual writing!

This channel is relatively small compared to the others in this list but it provides a valuable service - the opportunity to watch and learn how Chinese people actually write the characters you see in your books. 

In our opinion this is a highly underrated and useful skill and we believe this channel will grow a lot in the years to come. It's only limitation is that it deals 90% with written language, with very little discussion of culture.

2. @chinachinesee

Level: Beginner / Intermediate

Educational Content: ️️️️️

Cultural Elements:

This account follows the more traditional teacher-to-student structure, where a teacher is on screen explaining certain phrases of grammatical elements of Mandarin. The reason this particular channel has made it so high up the list is that it does this very well. 

The teacher is engaging, explaining content clearly and using subtitles effectively. The content itself is very useful and categorised in a helpful way so you can choose what you want to learn about at any given time. 

This account is a great all round learning tool, covering culture as well as spoken and written language.

1. @duanduanmandarin

Level: All Levels

Educational Content: ️️️️️

Cultural Elements:


Duan Duan Mandarin focuses solely on handwriting and gets the top spot in our list for its great content and excellent design. As you can see from the sample video, the video content is laid out beautifully, with relevant colours and images alongside. Furthermore the handwriting is very aesthetically pleasing, helping students to write Chinese words both beautifully and correctly. 

The words studied are also incredibly relevant to the Mandarin learner's journey. Many of them are related to the HSK exams and others are designed around everyday interaction. 

In short, this is an absolute must for any Mandarin learner. Get following!

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