Cantonese and Culture - Beginner Level 1

Learn Cantonese and explore Chinese culture

Your Cantonese course at LingoClass will expose you to authentic language through interactive activities with an emphasis on functional uses. There is a focus on oral communication and pronunciation as well as using language in real life situations.

Location: 33 Cannon Street, London EC4M 5SB

- 2 mins from Mansion house station

- 4 mins from St. Paul's station

- 5 mins from Bank station​

Alternatively, you can choose to attend the class online

Course Fee: £300     

Textbook: £35 

( This course comes with textbook,

which we will post to you)

Textbook: A Cantonese Book 

Cantonese tetbook.jpg

In the 10 week course you will explore a variety of interesting topics, including:

  • Useful daily expressions.

  • Numbers 0-99

  • What time is it ? ( describe the time )

  • He is my friend.

  • How much is it ? ( shopping conversation )

  • Buying food and drink 

  • Asking directions 

Culture activities:

  • Chinese calligraphy

Each lesson incorporates Cantonese culture and share life style in Hong Kong and Guangdong

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