Mandarin Chinese
Upper beginner level1 ( HSK2-1 )

Learn Mandarin and explore Chinese culture

Course Description

Your Mandarin course at LingoClass will expose you to authentic language through interactive activities with an emphasis on functional uses. Our our upper beginner level1( HSK2-1 )  Aim to help learners learn more about HSK2 Vocabulary, grammar points and Chinese culture. 

Location 1: 33 Cannon Street, London EC4M 5SB  (St. Paul's)


Location 2: 26 Finsbury Square, London EC2A 1DS  (Moorgate)

Online: If you are uncomfortable attending classes at our school location, you can also join the lesson using Zoom video call.

Textbook: HSK2 Standard Course  

( The textbook is included in this course)

Course fee: £330 + £25(textbook)=£355 

In the 11- week course you will explore a variety of interesting topics:

  • Lesson1: September is the best time to visit China

  • Lesson2: I get up at six every day

  • Lesson3: The red one on the left is mine

  • Lesson4: He recommended me for this job

  • Lesson5: The usage of " 是.....的" 

  • Lesson6: Take this one 

  • Lesson7: The Adverbs "就" and "还"

  • Lesson8: Why don't you eat more

  • Lesson9: Do you live far from your company? 

  • Lesson10: Let me think about it and I'll tell you later

  • Lesson11: Revision 

You will learn 150 Vocabulary in this course

Each lesson also incorporates Chinese culture or Chinese business etiquette.

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           33 Cannon Street, London

           EC4M 5SB ( St. Paul's )

           26 Finsbury Square,

           London EC2A 1DS ( Moorgate )

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