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At LingoClass, we believe the students are the soul of our school. Below are images of some of our Chinese Students enjoying their lessons and/or cultural activities. Scroll down for Japanese and Korean students...

Below are some images of our Japanese students in their classes, learning to speak Chinese and drawing beautiful Japanese Kanji using traditional brushes. Our Japanese students also have the opportunity to dress in kimonos and learn to make sushi outside of classroom hours...

Below are some images of our Korean students and their teachers. As you can see from their smiling faces, they are all very happy to study with us! We are lucky to have a very diverse and interesting student population at our school. We hope you will become part of it very soon.

Whether you want to study Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese or Korean, we welcome you to start your language journey with us today!

LingoClass is managed by professional linguists and language teachers who offer best-practice Asian language services in London. We believe that whatever you want to learn, our range of courses will give you the hands-on learning, industry connections and real-world perspective you’ll need to succeed.

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