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GCSE Chinese

Beginner Level 2

Learn GCSE Chinese with LingoClass!

A great qualification to have on your university application forms, our GCSE Chinese courses follow the official testing curriculum and are designed to help students learn useful Mandarin Chinese words and phrases that can be applied in everyday life. 

Chinese characters and interactive conversation will be a part of your learning from day 1 and our expert teachers will guide you through the process to help you advance quickly while feeling confident.

The Beginner Level 2 Course is designed for students who have successfully completed the Beginner Level 1 Course or those with some background in learning Chinese who want to work towards taking the GCSE exam. In order to properly prepare for the exam, students will need to study 6 levels before sitting the test. 

GCSE Chinese learning objectives include:

  • Develop the ability to communicate confidently and coherently with native speakers in speech and writing

  • Listen to and understand standard speech at near normal speed

  • Deepen knowledge about how language works and enrich vocabulary in order to use the language in a wide range of contexts

  • Develop an awareness and understanding of the culture and identities of the countries where the language is spoken

  • Develop language learning skills both for immediate use and to prepare for further language study, higher education and employment

Location: 33 Cannon Street, London EC4M 5SB  (St. Paul's)

You can also choose to take this course online using our state of the are online learning platform.

Course Fee: £300      

Textbook: £25

Textbook: Jinbu 1 (进步一)

Over the 10 week course you will progress through a variety of interesting modules, including:

  • Discussing sports

  • Days of the week

  • Your favourite and least favourite school subjects

  • Your daily timetable

  • Introducing your classmates

  • Chinese and English schools

  • Food and drink

  • Daily meals

  • What to say in a restaurant

All modules are designed to help you learn the correct word pronunciations and use Chinese characters comfortably.

Upon completing this course you will be eligible to progress to the GCSE Chinese Upper Beginner Level 1 course:

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