Japanese Intermediate Level 3
( JLPT N4-3 )

Learn Japanese and explore Japanese culture

Course Description

Your Japanese JLPT N4-3 course at LingoClass will obtain a clear understanding of its grammar and become skilled at using Japanese language. We hope through this course you can know how sentence structure is used during real-life communication in Japanese.  After this course you will be able to take the JLPT N4 exam

Course Fee: £300     

Textbook: £30 ( This course comes without a textbook, if you need it, please let us know )

Location: Please note that following the new government guidelines for the current tier-5 COVID-19 lockdown, all our courses have been moved online where you can study with your usual teachers using the Zoom video platform. Once the lockdown ends, we will be brining classes back into our office with the option to study online if you wish. Thank you for your understanding and happy studying!

Textbook: TRY ! JLPT N4 - Part3

In the 10 week course you will explore a variety of essential grammar points in JLPT N4: 

  • Lesson1: U8 - Booking a room at a traditional inn1A 0

  • Lesson2: U8 - Booking a room at a traditional inn1B

  • Lesson3: U8 - Booking a room at a traditional inn2A

  • Lesson4: U9 - A post-victory interview1A

  • Lesson5: U9 - A post-victory interview1B

  • Lesson6: U9 - A post-victory interview2

  • Lesson7: U10 - An interview for a part-time job1

  • Lesson8: U10 - An interview for a part-time job2

  • Lesson9: U11 - Useful vocabulary

  • Lesson10: Final Revision / Practice Test

You will learn another 68 Kanji in this course. 

Each lesson incorporates elements which allow you to feel, taste, smell, touch and watch Japanese culture! 

After 10 lessons, you will know about 164 Kanji in total, and more essential grammar points for your official JLPT N4 exam. 

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