Korean Learners

​Virtual Drinking Party!!  건배 !!

Just because we can't get the whole squad in the same room right now, 

doesn't mean the whole squad can't still have fun together! 

Nothing can stop us to have a drinking party!

Because we are going to have a virtual party, 건배 !! yeah !! 

What you should prepare for the party:

1. Your favorite drink

( Beer, Red/ White wine, Soju 소주, Makgeolli 막걸리, Cola, Coffee, Tea, Juice....etc)

2. Your open mind for meeting other Korean learners in LingoClass 

3. Getting ready for some virtual party games !! yeah !!

 Party Location:

We are going to use ZOOM for our virtual party

We will send you the meeting room link + password via Email 

the day before the party starts

Date and Time

 2nd May ( Saturday )

4:00pm UK Time 


Free of charge ​ 


LingoClass Director: Claire Wang 

LingoClass Korean Teacher: Yerin Lee 

LingoClass Korean Teacher: Sera Kang 

Look forward to meeting you in the party !!!!