London Japanese Kimono Workshop 

Experience Japanese Culture in London !!


In this Experience set, you got chance to experience:

  • Dress up Kimono (Yukata) 

  • Learning Japanese calligraphy - 60 mins

  •  Taking photos near St. Paul's Cathedral while wearing Kimono - 60 mins 

       ( While workshop will be around 3.5 hours, depends on how many people attend the workshop. )

 Workshop Location

33 Cannon Street, London EC4M 5SB

 -2 mins from Mansion house station

-4 mins from St.Paul station

- 5 mins from Bank station


Workshop fee

£ 65

-You can pick one of our Kimonos to wear

-You can bring back your calligraphy artwork

- You will receive a photo with you wearing Kimono from our instant photo machine.

Workshop Dates

 -21st July (Sunday) 1:00-4:30pm 


The Japanese kimono is one of the world's instantly recognisable traditional garments. The word kimono literally means "clothing", and up until the mid 19th century it was the form of dress worn by everyone in Japan. They are usually very colourful and elegant. 


We picked some beautiful Kimono (Yukata) originally from Japan. 

You can choose the pattern you like, and our Japanese instructor will assist you to put it on. 


Classical Japanese calligraphy is known as sho or shodo ("the way of writing"). Practiced through the centuries by samurai, calligraphy is not only about writing beautiful characters, but instead putting on paper words or characters have presence and grace.

All Japanese people learn how to do it at school so that everyone has learnt at least once in their lifetime.


In this Japanese calligraphy session, you will wear your Kimono and learn how to use a brush under the guidance of an instructor. Choose your favourite Kanji and finish it! At the end of the lesson, learn how to write your name in Katakana, and sign it to finish your art work! Just like a real Japanese person! 

Photo 25-03-2019, 12 18 36 AM.jpg
Photo 24-03-2019, 5 39 27 PM.jpg

In the end, we will bring you to one of the most famous and most recognisable sights of London “St. Paul Cathedral” to taking some photos while you are wearing your Kimono. Keep your memories with special outfit.


Before you go home, we would let you choose one of your favoruite photos, print it out with our instant photo machine for you. 

Additionally, You can bring your beautiful calligraphy art work home. We will put your work into a nice wallet folder, allow you easier to bring home.

Workshop introduction video