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Test Your KPOP Knowledge

The Ultimate KPOP Quiz!

Do you love KPOP? Could you be the world's biggest KPOP fan? Well today you can find out by taking the ultimate KPOP Quiz! We've included questions on all your favourite KPOP stars, songs and record labels to truly test your knowledge of this staple of Korean culture.

Test yourself today and see how you compare using our leader board! Be sure to share with your friends on social media!


If you love keeping up with KPOP news then you may enjoy some of our other Korean content. At LingoClass we want to help our students dive into Korean culture not just by learning Korean language but also by exploring important aspects of society such as Korean drama and food.

Check out some of these links to get a real flavour of what LingoClass is all about. We hope you will come and meet us in person to find out more!


So you've tested your knowledge of KPOP but how much do you know about Korean language? To truly keep up with KPOP news and gain an in-depth understanding of KPOP culture, it is important to learn some Korean!

Luckily, LingoClass has got you covered. We offer group and private tuition both on and offline, so whether you want to study one-on-one with a personal Korean teacher or attend group lessons with other KPOP fans, you can book some time with us today and know you're getting a first rate Korean learning experience!

We hope to see you soon :)

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