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Our expert language teachers are dedicated to helping adults learn Mandarin, Japanese, Korean and Cantonese quickly so they can communicate effectively in a variety of situations. 

We also offer deeper dives into the cultures that surround these languages so our students have a much fuller understanding of the communicative process.

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We're thrilled to be opening a new  campus in Paddington!  Book now to enjoy the Early Bird price of 5% off !

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*All classes minimum 4 ppl, average 6ppl, maximum 10ppl 

Minimum age 18

*Early Bird price period : now till 31st Aug.

Course Descriptions

To understand what will be covered in each course, simply click on your chosen level below. Once you've found the right course for you, visit the booking section to reserve a space. Please note, LingoClass specialises in teaching adults so students must be over 18 to enroll.

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We love teaching Asian languages and understand our school has achieved the success it has because of its students. We're extremely dedicated to making our courses the best they can possibly be and positive reviews mean the world to us. We're very proud of our Google ranking and continue to do all we can to to make it grow even further. We hope you'll join us and leave a review of your own very soon!

LingoClass Korean Course Reviews
Our 5 Star Reviews

“It is better than my expectation. The teacher is native Korean speaker and hold degree in Korean language teaching, very professional. And she is very enthusiastic. the class is never boring. Besides vocabulary and grammar, we also learned some traditional culture, nowadays

culture , and social interaction of Korean.

I also really like the place, everywhere is tidy and bright. All in all, it was a nice experience studying here."

Course Certificates
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After completing your language course you will be issued a LingoClass certificate acknowledging which level you have reached. Certificates start out white for beginner level and go all the way up to gold for higher level language learning. 

You can browse the range of certificates below. We hope you will make it all the way to the top!

LingoClass Asian Language Certificate Wh

White Certificate

After completing the beginner level course you will be awarded the white level certificate. This is the first step of your journey.

LingoClass Asian Language Certificate Br

Bronze Certificate

After completing the upper beginner level course you will be awarded the bronze level certificate. This shows true dedication to the language.


Silver Certificate

After completing the intermediate level course you will be awarded the silver level certificate. You will now be able to hold a conversation and communicate effectively in a variety of situations..

LingoClass Asian Language Certificate Go

Gold Certificate

After completing the upper intermediate  level course you will be awarded the gold level certificate. You are now well on the road to fluency. Keep up the good work!


What are the benefits of learning an Asian language with us?

LingoClass is very much a school that puts its students at the centre of everything we do. All our teachers are native-speakers and experts in teaching students to pass exams and progress quickly in their target language.


More than this, our staff all have real passion for teaching both language and culture and we regularly use our students' feedback to review and improve our curriculum, ensuring we meet your needs in the best way possible. Come and see for yourself!  

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Engaging Classes

It's easy for language courses to fall into the trap of textbook learning and intense dives into grammar and pronunciation. While we understand that these elements of language are essential, our approach is designed to focus on practical, every day use of  your chosen language. Our aim is to help you communicate effectively and enjoy the process of learning!

We've had great feedback on this approach and have often found it helps students remain motivated and learn faster than simple textbook learning.

Cultural Events

Language can not and does not exist independently of the cultures that use it. In order to truly understand a language, one must have at least some knowledge of culture as well. 

To assist our Chinese, Japanese and Korean students in reaching this goal, we incorporate elements of culture into all our lessons as well as holding regular cultural events you can attend with your classmates. Activities include summer parties, sushi making events and much, much more. We'd love to see you at one of them in the future!

Private Tuition

Exam Preparation

Language qualifications are excellent strings to add to your bow and our teachers are all adept at preparing students for Asian language exams. Whether you're interested in taking the HSK, JLPT or TOPIK exams, we can help you feel relaxed and confident that you have the skills you need.

Our pass rates are excellent and we even have pages on our website dedicated to helping you book and study for the exams themselves!

Free Online Learning Resources

Our teachers don't stop at face-to-face teaching, we also recognise that much language learning is achieved through self-study so we've developed a wealth of online learning material for you to explore at your leisure.

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An Immersive Group Class

Our group lessons are small, social and interactive, averaging just 6 students per class. This setting provides the optimal environment to learn new elements of  language and practice using them with people of a similar level to yourself. The highly qualified teachers at our language centre all understand the best ways to help you learn and remember Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages so you can adapt them to your needs when out in the field. 


We believe in hands-on learning, rather than getting lost in a textbook or sucked into perfection of grammar.


We exclusively hire instructors with a conversation-based, student-centered approach to teaching, providing the best in-class experience.


Speaking is at the heart of all of our classes, and in an immersive setting, you’ll get even more opportunity to practice critical speaking and listening skills.


Each class meets at the same time and place every week - creating consistency in your language learning.

Private Tuition

If you're not quite ready to sign up for a group class yet or you'd like a more tailored curriculum, we also offer private lessons for all levels. We are currently only offering online private courses in Cambridge but we hope to change this in the future and offer face-to-face courses as well.