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Best Free Websites to Learn Korean in 2023

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There are literally thousands of websites out there dedicated to teaching you Korean, but which ones are actually worth your time? Which ones can helps you really improve your language skills and what elements of the Korean language do they focus on?

For the purpose of this article we've only included free websites and have left out the obvious ones like YouTube or indeed!

5. Talking to Koreans

Talking to


- Lot's of free downloadable content

- Free exercises 


- Very basic interface

- Limited amount of content

Talking to Koreans is a site dedicated to providing free Korean language resources to anyone who's interested. The site owners have a special licence that allows them to copy and distribute textbooks online so you get access to some really useful learning content without ever spending a penny!

The content itself is great and there are even some free exercise modules you can download to test yourself, in both written and audio format, making this site a prime location for learning resources and online assessments.

That being said, the content is fairly limited in scope and is mostly targeted at beginners and early intermediate learners. The website interface is quite simple, possibly even boring in places but it does serve a very useful purpose. If resources are what you're after then this is the place to come!

4. Sejong Korean

Sejong Korean.png


- Lots of content

- Cultural elements covered well

- Nicely designed site


- Content is overwhelming in places

- Not all related to language learning

The Sejong Institute is actually named after the inventor of Hangul. It was established by the Korean government as a way to spread Korean language and culture around the world (an objective we can definitely relate to!)

In addition to the wealth of content covering both Korean language and culture, one really cool thing about this site is the ability to switch between Korean and English at the touch of a button. Users can also benefit from many videos recorded in Korean with extensive English subtitles, giving viewers the opportunity to enhance their listening skills as well as catering to multiple levels at once. 

While much of the content on the site isn't specifically directed at language learning, there is undoubtedly a lot to explore. Any Korean culture enthusiast will be able to spend hours browsing the site learning about everything from Kimchi to Taekwondo!

3. How to Study Korean

How to Study Korean.png


- Well structured

- Well explained

- Clear learning objectives set out


- Slightly repetitive format

How to study Korean does exactly what it says on the tin - teach you how to study Korean :) The major strength of this site is it's clear, easy to follow structure that has learners progressing through different units from basic language elements all the way to advanced grammar. 

This gives users a systematic approach to improving their language ability as well as a way to track their progress as they go. Content comes in both written and audio format and there are a wealth of YouTube videos to support the website content. For such a simple site there is a lot to explore.

The interface is minimalist yet effective and every point is explained well with examples. There is something for all levels and as an all round Korean language site, this is one of the best out there!

2. Dom & Hyo

Dom & Hyo.png


- Engaging content

- Fun and easy to follow

- Very addictive


- Lack of classroom style content

- Targeted at beginners

Dom & Hyo is a site designed by a Korean language student and his Korean wife. Dom is a cartoonist and like to help students pick up Korean language and culture through fun, colourful infographics.

Content ranges from learning Hangul to comments on day to day life in Korea. There are also lots of videos and short blog style posts about certain elements of the Korean language. The fact that these were made by a student and a native speaker means they are well thought out and often hold some insight that is lacking when made by someone who has learned Korean from birth. In this way we get to see the lesson from 2 perspectives - that of the student and of the teacher. 

Dom & Hyo's site is highly visual and our words can't really do it justice so we suggest checking it out yourself using the link below to see what you think. Needless to say, this is a great site to add to your list of bookmarks!

1. Go Billy Korean

GoBilly Korean.png


- Interesting content

- Lot's of free videos

- Made by a non-native student


- Too much video content

Go Billy is a Korean language student who has dedicated his time to providing free online Korean language content, and we thank him very much for this!

Firstly, the sheer amount of content is impressive. Originally a YouTuber, Billy has tonnes of videos to check out but these are well supplemented with individual lessons that can be downloaded as PDFs and audio files. Furthermore, lesson content is expertly structured. Modules are clear and easy to follow and there are even categories to choose form depending on your interests.

The major strength of this site comes from how engaging this content is however. Entertaining, interactive and most importantly, useful. Having been a Korean language student himself for the past 20 years, Go Billy knows what would have helped him learn Korean and has replicated it on his own so others can benefit!

Now you have some great websites to help you learn Korean in your spare time, why not further improve by booking some classes with one of our Korean teachers?

We offer both private and group classes for all levels and will be happy to help you find the best way for you to study. We hope to see you soon!

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