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LingoClass Japanese School

Our highly qualified teaching team is experienced in assisting all ages and abilities to learn Japanese quickly and speak confidently.

Beginner and intermediate group courses are listed below. You can also learn Japanese one-to-one from one of our private tutors.

Japanese Course Introduction

Upcoming Face-to-Face Central London Course Dates

You can view the range of weekly Japanese group courses in our Central London and West London locations below. To view the detailed curriculum for each course, go to the course descriptions section. To reserve a place you can visit the booking section.

*All classes minimum 4ppl, average  6 ppl, maximum 10ppl 

Upcoming Face-to-Face Saturday Intensive Course Dates

New! We are having a Saturday Intensive course! You can finish the Beginner Level in 3 Saturdays!

Please view our Japanese Saturday intensive group courses below.

To view the curriculum for each course in detail, go to the course descriptions section.

To reserve your place, visit the booking section.

*All classes minimum 4 ppl, average 6 ppl, maximum 10 ppl 

If you're unsure of your current level, you can take our free online Japanese language level assessment to find out. It will only take around 5 minutes and you'll get your results straight away!

LingoClass Japanese Course Summary 

Japanese JLPT Language Level Summary.png
Course Content
Japanese Course Descriptions

To understand what will be covered in each course, simply click on your chosen level below. Once you've found the right course for you, visit the booking section to reserve a space.

  • Japanese Beginner Level 1
    In the 6 week course you will explore a variety of interesting topics: ​ Lesson 1: Introducing yourself / Greeting in Japanese Culture: How to greet to people in Japan Lesson 2: Asking for directions-1 Culture: Tips for cheap travel in Japan Lesson 3: Asking for directions-2 Culture: Subway stations in Japan Lesson 4: Shopping in Japan-1(asking for the price) Culture: Gift giving culture in Japan Lesson 5: Shopping in Japan-2(clothing shopping) Culture: Japanese traditional clothing Lesson 6: Convenience stores and restaurants Culture: Do and Do not in Japan
  • Japanese Upper Beginner Level 1 (JLPT N5-N1)
    Over the 10 week course you will explore a variety of interesting topics: ​ Lesson 1: Respond to greetings Lesson 2: At the electronics store 1 Lesson 3: Using question words in Japanese Lesson 4: At the electronics store 2 Lesson 5: Counter suffix in Japanese Lesson 6: Yesterday’s shopping 1 Lesson 7: Past affirmative and past negative Lesson 8: Yesterday’s shopping 2 Lesson 9: Emphasize an action was not / is not / will not be done at all Lesson 10: Final revision & culture activity
  • Chinese Beginner Level 1
    In the 6 week course you will explore a variety of interesting topics: Greeting How to introduce one’s name and nationality Expressing time, years, months and dates How to ask prices and talk about money Ordering food, making requests and paying the bill Talking about family, occupations and age How to make and answer phone calls
  • Chinese Upper Beginner Level 1 (HSK 2)
    Chinese Uppper Beginner Level 1 is ideal for anyone around HSK2 level. This means the student can read some basic Chinese characters and is able to greet people, introduce oneself and understand simple phrases. To find out what level you are, you can take our free HSK Level Quiz.
  • Chinese Intermediate Level 1 (HSK 3)
    Chinese Intermediate Level 1 is ideal for anyone around HSK3 level. This means the student can confidently read simple Chinese characters and can participate in simple conversations about a variety of topics. To find out what level you are, you can take our free HSK Level Quiz.
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We love teaching Japanese and we know our school wouldn't be what it is without its students. We work hard to ensure our Japanese courses as good as they can possibly be and good reviews mean the world to us. We're extremely proud of our Google ranking and do all we can to to make it grow even more. We hope you'll join us soon and leave a review of your own!

LingoClass 5 stars.png
Our 5 Star Reviews
Gabby Rondelli

“I have just finished Japanese L1 course at Lingo and it was absolutely awesome! Classes are taught in a fun and engaging way and at the end of 6 sessions I am already able to read the hiragana! Mami Sensei is the best! She is very attentive and genuinely interested in your progression, always willing to help and provide you the best level of tuition ! At the end of the sessions we always do something related to the Japanese culture, here below is a photo of my favourite one: Shodo!"

Japanese Course Certificates

After completing your language course you will be issued a LingoClass certificate acknowledging which level you have reached. Certificates start out white for beginner level and go all the way up to gold for higher level language learning. 

You can browse the range of certificates below. We hope you will make it all the way to the top!

LingoClass Asian Language Certificate Wh

White Certificate

After completing the beginner level course you will be awarded the white level certificate. This is the first step of your journey.

LingoClass Asian Language Certificate Br

Bronze Certificate

After completing the upper beginner level course you will be awarded the bronze level certificate. This shows true dedication to the language.


Silver Certificate

After completing the intermediate level course you will be awarded the silver level certificate. You will now be able to hold a conversation and communicate effectively in a variety of situations..

LingoClass Asian Language Certificate Go

Gold Certificate

After completing the upper intermediate  level course you will be awarded the gold level certificate. You are now well on the road to fluency. Keep up the good work!

What are the benefits of learning Japanese?

Regardless of what Japanese level you start at, booking time with a Japanese tutor has a number of great benefits. In addition to helping you meet new people and improving your skillset, taking lessons allows you to interact with Japanese speakers on a deeper level, fully understanding the culture in ways you cannot in English. Take a look below to see our favourite reasons for studying Japanese language.

Why LingoClass?

Study Japanese Culture

Half the fun of taking Japanese lessons is learning about the country’s culture. Japanese culture is one of the most unique in the world and understanding the language allows you to fully immerse yourself in the fashion, martial arts and business etiquette of this fascinating country.

Our language centre regularly holds events and creates content designed to help our students better understand the Japanese way of life. From anime to temples, kimonos to samurais, we help our Japanese learners discover more about the elements of culture that mean most to them. 

Japanese Language & Business

Many large, international corporations are either based in Japan or have branches there. If your dream job involves working at a big company like Sony, Nintendo or Coca-Cola, learning a second language like Japanese can create more job opportunities. As someone who is fluent in both English and Japanese, you’ll have more career choices than someone who only speaks English.

Furthermore, learning to read and write in Japanese can give you a greater understanding of the country's history as well as modern Japanese business culture. Anyone looking to do business in Japan will benefit greatly from these skills.


Pass the JLPT Exam

JLPT is the official qualification for assessing the Japanese language ability of non-native speakers. After taking the test you are assigned a level, indicating whether you are a Japanese beginner or a more advanced student. Getting a JLPT qualification looks great on any CV or job application and is a great way for students to assess their progress when learning the language. 

At the LingoClass Japanese School, we  can help you prepare for and pass the JLPT  test in a relaxed, fun environment with native Japanese teachers. For more information on how to pass JLPT, where to book and what to expect, check out the link below.

Travelling in Japan

Japan is not only a beautiful country, steeped in rich history and culture, it's also home to some of the most welcoming people on Earth. It is perhaps unsurprising then that so many people choose to travel to Japan every year  to explore its sprawling cities, natural wonders and intricate local dishes.

Studying Japanese in the UK can help to build a strong language base that you can expand through travelling or even living and working in Japan. Our Japanese tutors are all highly skilled in helping you communicate quickly and effectively from day one. Get in touch with us today to find out more.


Explore Japanese Culture

Dive into Japanese culture with LingoClass - Experience Yukata Japanese formal dress!

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