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LingoClass Private Tuition

1-on-1 or 1-on-more, private tutoring courses are our most flexible option. These lessons are designed around your individual language goals, whether it be to pass language examinations, find work abroad or simply take up a new hobby. Private lessons are available for any language level. Our professional teacher will design the curriculum to assist you in enhancing listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Course Packages

Private Course Packages

Our range of private language tuition booking options are detailed below. At LingoClass we believe your learning environment matters and we spend a lot of time making sure your classrooms are quiet, enjoyable spaces where we can really focus on class quality:

  • You can discuss your learning needs and confirm your level via a level assessment.

  • Your teacher will make a proper study plan to fit your needs/ level.

  • You can start your lessons as soon as you prefer.

  • Paid trial lesson available. 

  • We have two campuses available.

  • Free tea and coffee to help boost motivation!

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Level Assessment + Trial Lesson

Before purchasing one of our 12+ hour courses, we offer a level assessment and trial lesson. This allows you to meet your private tutor, discuss your goals and create a mutual understanding of your level and desired outcomes.  

£70(1.5 hour)

*Please note that the price may differ if you would like to use specific textbooks, materials or curriculum/ have lessons with a particular teacher/ in particular locations.

* Above is one to one price, If you would like to make a small customised group with your friends, adding one more member will be £10 more per hour, for example: 3 people small group book 20 hours course, the hourly rate will be £55+£10+£10=£75 per hour. 

*Please note that the private tuition groups are limited to a maximum of 3 people.

LingoClass Korean Course Reviews
Our 5 Star Reviews
Paul Hecker

“I have been studying Mandarin Chinese in 1-to-1 classes with Lingo for nearly two years. The two teachers I've had in that time, first Clara and for the last 12 months, Sandra, have been great. Really friendly and always happy to work with my sometimes unpredictable schedule. I'm studying both for personal and professional reasons and they are great at tailoring the content to my interests while still making progress through the HSK structure.

Lessons have been online for most of 2020 but we haven't missed a beat, they still feel as enjoyable and productive as ever and are a part of the week that I always look forward to."

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Unsure of Your Current Level?

Why not test your current abilities using one of our free online tests below. They only take a few minutes to complete and you will get a rough idea of what class you should be placed in straight away! 

Why Choose Private Lessons with Us?

LingoClass are committed to bringing industry leading language tuition to our students. If you're having trouble choosing between group and private courses, take a look at some of the considerations below.

Why LingoClass?
Private Tuition

Private Lessons are More Personal

Learning languages in groups is great for practicing with people of your own level but they can also mean the teacher spends less time on you as an individual. 

With personal lessons, you can utilise the whole class session to target things you specifically want to learn instead of catering for everyone in the group. This often means you can get to grips with complex grammar and language structures faster than you can in a larger class.

At LingoClass, we design our 1-to-1 courses to your individual needs so you can target the areas that matter to you most!

Private Tutors Match Your learning Speed

Similarly, if you feel like a group class might go to fast for you, private tuition gives you the option to slow down a little and take things at your own pace, whatever that might be. 

Our teachers are all experienced in teaching your chosen language and know exactly how much to push you to help you reach your goals. 

You will always feel comfortable and never rushed, but at the same time will continue to improve as quickly as possible :)

LingoClass private lesson.jpeg
LingoClass private lesson.jpeg

Take Your Language Learning To Another Level

Another reason to choose private language tuition over group courses is if you already have some knowledge of the language you wish to learn. 

Some students who already know their language to a decent level may find that other members of a language group class have different knowledge to them. This means the teacher will need to spend some time to get everyone to the same level rather than focusing on your individual weaknesses.

Our personal lessons really are personal with designed curriculums . This means we can correct any mistakes and target useful areas such as grammar or listening comprehension, depending on what you value as a student.


Get Answers

We love questions, almost as much as we love providing answers. Below are a few questions we frequently get asked about our private language tuition.

  • Japanese Beginner Level 1
    In the 6 week course you will explore a variety of interesting topics: ​ Lesson 1: Introducing yourself / Greeting in Japanese Culture: How to greet to people in Japan Lesson 2: Asking for directions-1 Culture: Tips for cheap travel in Japan Lesson 3: Asking for directions-2 Culture: Subway stations in Japan Lesson 4: Shopping in Japan-1(asking for the price) Culture: Gift giving culture in Japan Lesson 5: Shopping in Japan-2(clothing shopping) Culture: Japanese traditional clothing Lesson 6: Convenience stores and restaurants Culture: Do and Do not in Japan
  • Japanese Upper Beginner Level 1 (JLPT N5-N1)
    Over the 10 week course you will explore a variety of interesting topics: ​ Lesson 1: Respond to greetings Lesson 2: At the electronics store 1 Lesson 3: Using question words in Japanese Lesson 4: At the electronics store 2 Lesson 5: Counter suffix in Japanese Lesson 6: Yesterday’s shopping 1 Lesson 7: Past affirmative and past negative Lesson 8: Yesterday’s shopping 2 Lesson 9: Emphasize an action was not / is not / will not be done at all Lesson 10: Final revision & culture activity
  • Chinese Beginner Level 1
    In the 6 week course you will explore a variety of interesting topics: Greeting How to introduce one’s name and nationality Expressing time, years, months and dates How to ask prices and talk about money Ordering food, making requests and paying the bill Talking about family, occupations and age How to make and answer phone calls
  • Chinese Upper Beginner Level 1 (HSK 2)
    Chinese Uppper Beginner Level 1 is ideal for anyone around HSK2 level. This means the student can read some basic Chinese characters and is able to greet people, introduce oneself and understand simple phrases. To find out what level you are, you can take our free HSK Level Quiz.
  • Chinese Intermediate Level 1 (HSK 3)
    Chinese Intermediate Level 1 is ideal for anyone around HSK3 level. This means the student can confidently read simple Chinese characters and can participate in simple conversations about a variety of topics. To find out what level you are, you can take our free HSK Level Quiz.

More Questions?

If the above FAQs don't answer your questions please feel free to contact us using the form below, or email us directly at:

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