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LingoClass has built a Japanese learning resource hub to help Japanese students self-study and improve their Japanese language skills in the best way possible! We have included detailed lists of apps, links to learning resources and information on useful phrases and JLPT exams. Whatever your Japanese level, we're sure there will be something in here to help you! If you have any questions please feel free to contact us directly :).

Japanese Exam Resources & Quizzes

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Exam Resources

If you are interested in taking the JLPT exam for work or just to keep track of your language level, then this page contains all the resources you need to help you prepare, including past papers, sign up information, dates, timings and even study tips.

Online HSK Quiz

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JLPT Level Test

If you have just started studying Japanese or have been studying for a while on your own, it can be difficult to know what level you are. This free, online quiz can help you to better understand your language level and prepare for the JLPT exam.

Mandarin Podcasts

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JLPT Listening Test

Understanding your Japanese level is an important part of improving your language skills but it can be difficult without a teacher to help you. That's why we've developed this free online quiz. You will get your results instantly!

Japanese Cultural Resources

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Useful Phrases for Travelling in Japan

Many of our students want to learn Japanese so they can travel or work in Japan. This article contains many useful phrases you should learn to help you get around more easily and learn about Japan's rich and fascinating culture.

Sushi Time

How to Order Food in Japanese

Have you ever wanted to order Japanese food like a pro? If so we've got you covered. This article explains everything you need to know from entering a restaurant to paying the bill. We also discuss the cultural elements to be aware of. Bon appetit!

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Top 5 Podcasts for Japanese Learners

Listening to podcasts can be a great way to practice your Japanese listening skills. Here we've compiled a list different podcasts for you to check out. We hope you enjoy them and find the perfect channel for you!

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Best Apps for Learning Japanese

Apps are an amazing tool to help you study languages. Thankfully, there are hundreds of apps on the market to help students like you learn Japanese, but which ones are the best to download? We have compiled a list to answer just that.


Yukata & Kimono - What is the Difference?

The yukata and kimono are two famous examples of traditional Japanese dress, but how do you wear them? what are they for and how are they different? Dive into Japanese culture with LingoClass and find out today!


The Ultimate Japanese Culture Quiz!

Do you love Japan and all things Japanese? Now you can find out just how much you know by testing yourself against our free Japanese trivia quiz. Be sure to enter your name on the leader board to see how you rank!

Japanese YouTube Videos

Best YouTube Channels for Japanese Learners

YouTube videos are a great way to begin learning Japanese or study in between classes. They also enable students to understand and experience Japanese culture without leaving the house! Check out this list of our favourite channels.


Top 5 Japanese Anime to Practice Japanese

Japanese anime can be a great way to practice your Japanese language skills. To help you find some short and completed series, we've compiled a list of our top 5 anime for your to check out. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

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Exploring Japanese

Japanese anime is incredibly popular but how is it defined? Where did it come from and how has it affected other forms of animation? If you want to know the answers to questions such as these then read on!

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