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Our expert Mandarin teachers are dedicated to helping adults learn Chinese quickly so they can communicate effectively in a variety of situations. 

Whether you want to learn Mandarin for business, to pass the HSK exam or simply as a hobby, LingoClass offers a state-of-the art, professional environment in which to do so.

Upcoming Face-to-Face Central London Course Dates

You can view the range of weekly Chinese group courses in our Central London locations below. To view the detailed curriculum for each course, go to the course descriptions section. To reserve a place you can visit the booking section.

*All classes minimum 4 ppl, average 6 ppl, maximum 10ppl 

Minimum age 18

Upcoming Face-to-Face
West London Course Dates

If you're unsure of your current level, you can take our free online Chinese language level assessment to find out. It will only take around 5 minutes and you'll get your results straight away!


LingoClass HSK Chinese Course Summary

Our HSK Mandarin courses are designed to help students pass the HSK exam with ease. All content is based on the collective experience of our professional Mandarin tutors as well as feedback from our students who have gone on to pass the exam. Rather than focusing solely on textbook learning and vocabulary lists, we make sure our lessons are full of practical and engaging content that can actually be used in real life situations.

Mandarin Chinese Language Level Summary.
Mandarin Course Descriptions

To understand what will be covered in each course, simply click on your chosen level below. Once you've found the right course for you, visit the booking section to reserve a space. Please note, LingoClass specialises in teaching adults so students must be over 18 to enroll.

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We love teaching Mandarin Chinese and believe our school has achieved the success it has because of its students. We're extremely dedicated to making our Mandarin courses the best they can possibly be and positive reviews mean the world to us. We're very proud of our Google ranking and continue to do all we can to to make it grow even further. We hope you'll join us and leave a review of your own very soon!

LingoClass Korean Course Reviews
Our 5 Star Reviews
Michael W

"I studied at LingoClass for 6 months before moving to China for work. Without them I would not have developed the language skills I need to survive there. All the teachers were very supportive, the quality of the lesson materials was very high and they helped me pass 3 separate HSK exams. Would recommend to anyone thinking of studying a new language."

Mandarin Course Certificates

After completing your language course you will be issued a LingoClass certificate acknowledging which level you have reached. Certificates start out white for beginner level and go all the way up to gold for higher level language learning. 

You can browse the range of certificates below. We hope you will make it all the way to the top!

LingoClass Asian Language Certificate Wh

White Certificate

After completing the beginner level course you will be awarded the white level certificate. This is the first step of your journey.

LingoClass Asian Language Certificate Br

Bronze Certificate

After completing the upper beginner level course you will be awarded the bronze level certificate. This shows true dedication to the language.


Silver Certificate

After completing the intermediate level course you will be awarded the silver level certificate. You will now be able to hold a conversation and communicate effectively in a variety of situations..

LingoClass Asian Language Certificate Go

Gold Certificate

After completing the upper intermediate  level course you will be awarded the gold level certificate. You are now well on the road to fluency. Keep up the good work!


What are the benefits of learning Mandarin Chinese with us?

​Learning Chinese offers many benefits to personal and professional growth, not least gaining a better understanding of one of the richest cultures in the world. Every year, millions of people travel to China to see the shrines, walk the Great Wall of China and indulge in the wonderful food markets in cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. 

Learn Mandarin in London

Study Chinese Culture

With its vast land mass and fascinating history, Chinese culture is one of the most interesting in the world. Learning Chinese language can give you the ability to better appreciate Chinese art, food and music. As part of the LingoClass Mandarin course curriculum, we make sure to include elements of Chinese culture, such as Chinese calligraphy and Chinese food preparation. In addition to being fun activities in themselves, we believe they can help you become a more knowledegable and well rounded Mandarin student.

Mandarin is the Most Widely Spoken Language in the World

More people speak Chinese as a first language than any other; approximately 1.2 billion people. In recent years this has become widely recognised with UK schools adopting GCSE Chinese as part of the curriculum. Tapping into this trend and taking a Mandarin course can put you at a great advantage for employment, travel and personal development. We've also experienced first hand how impressive it can be to show people your Mandarin speaking skills when ordering in a bar or restaurant.

Learn Mandarin in London
Chinese Group Course

Learning Chinese is Good for Business

Business Chinese is becoming increasingly important in the global economy, with Chinese businesses booming and set to greatly influence the world economy in years to come. Studying Mandarin in London can put you at a great advantage when dealing with suppliers or business partners abroad and can open doors for business travel and international relations. In short, learning to speak professional Mandarin is likely to be extremely well received by any Chinese business associates you work with as well as being a great help in understanding many important documents and processes in the international supply chain. 

Learning Mandarin is Easier Than You Think!

Studying Chinese to fluency can seem like a daunting task. Many people are put off by the thought of learning to read and write in Mandarin. While there are over 80,000 Chinese characters to learn, generally only around 3,500 are used in conversation and this is enough to read and understand a Chinese newspaper. Similarly, people can be nervous about learning to use the correct tones in Mandarin. While this can be difficult to do with 100% accuracy there are no tenses, plurals, subject-verb agreement or conjugations to worry about in Chinese grammar. If you don't believe us why not sign up to one of our Chinese courses and find out for yourself? 


An Immersive Chinese Group Class

Our Mandarin group lessons are small, social and interactive, averaging just 6 students per class. This setting provides the optimal environment to learn new elements of Chinese and practice using them with people of a similar level to yourself. The highly qualified Chinese teachers at our language centre all understand the best ways to help you learn and remember Chinese language so you can adapt it to your needs when out in the field. 


We believe in hands-on learning, rather than getting lost in a textbook or sucked into perfection of grammar.


We exclusively hire instructors with a conversation-based, student-centered approach to teaching, providing the best in-class experience.


Speaking is at the heart of all of our classes, and in an immersive setting, you’ll get even more opportunity to practice critical speaking and listening skills.


Each class meets at the same time and place every week - creating consistency in your language learning.