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LingoClass is managed by professional linguists and language teachers who offer best-practice Asian language services in London. We believe that whatever you want to learn, our range of courses will give you the hands-on learning, industry connections and real-world perspective you’ll need to succeed.

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LingoClass Chinese School

Our expert teaching team are dedicated to helping you learn Chinese quickly so you can communicate effectively in a variety of situations. 

Whether you want to learn Mandarin for business, to pass an HSK exam or simply as a hobby, LingoClass offers a state-of-the art, professional environment in which to do so.

Weekly Mandarin Online Group Courses
Please note that due to government regulations on school closures and social distancing, we will temporarily be running all our spring term classes online. These classes will be held in an online classroom with the regular teacher at the regular time and will include all the same content as if you were at the school in person. This is to protect the health of our teachers and students and reduce the spread of COVID-19 in the community. Thank you for your understanding.

Chinese Beginner Level 1 (HSK1-1)

For complete beginners

Start Date



Course length


23rd  Apr.  




6 weeks


Chinese Beginner Level 2 (HSK1-2)

For  beginners with basic knowledge of Mandarin Chinese

Start Date



Course length


28th April 




8  weeks


Chinese Beginner Level 3  (HSK1-3)

For  beginners with basic knowledge of Mandarin Chinese

Start Date



Course length


2nd May




9 weeks


Not sure what level you are at the moment? 

Find out using out free online HSK test

An Immersive Group Class

Our group lessons are small, social and interactive, averaging just 6 students per class. This setting provides the optimal setting to learn new elements of Chinese and practice using them with people of a similar level to yourself.

Our highly qualified teachers understand the best ways to help you learn and remember Chinese so you can adapt the language to your needs when out in the field. 


We believe in hands-on learning, rather than getting lost in a textbook or sucked into perfection of grammar.


We exclusively hire instructors with a conversation-based, student-centered approach to teaching, providing the best in-class experience.


Speaking is at the heart of all of our classes, and in an immersive setting, you’ll get even more opportunity to practice critical speaking and listening skills.


Each class meets at the same time and place every week - creating consistency in your language learning.

LingoClass Course Summary

What are the Benefits of Learning Mandarin Chinese?

​Learning Chinese offers many benefits to personal and professional growth, not least gaining a better understanding of one of the richest cultures in the world. Every year, millions of people travel to China to see the shrines, walk the Great Wall of China and indulge in the wonderful food markets in cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. 

Mandarin is the world's most widely spoken language...

​Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world with approximately 1,197,000,000 people speaking Chinese, of which 873,000 million speak Mandarin. That is 14% of the global population.

Mandarin is good for business...

Business Chinese is becoming an increasingly dominant language, important in the global economy. Learning to speak with Chinese business partners in their native tongue always imparts a special advantage to anyone willing to learn a language for the sake of business.  It shows respect, and who wouldn’t appreciate that?

Learn about China's rich history and culture... 

Chinese history and culture is one the richest and certainly the oldest in the world. Reading great Chinese biographies and watching short films about the history of China provides a greater understanding of the language.

Learning Mandarin is easier than you think... 

​You do not have to worry about tenses, there are no plurals, no subject-verb agreement, and no conjugations.


There are over 80,000 Chinese characters but generally only 3,500 are used in conversation.

Experiencing LingoClass in London