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"Must-Watch in 2024" :
10 Classic  Japanese Anime Re

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Have you started to learn Japanese and want to practice but you find most anime difficult to understand? Well, look no further! Here, we have curated a list of our favourite anime to help you improve your Japanese comprehension!  

10.《SPY x FAMILY 》

Type: Action, Heartwarming

Highlights: The anime masterpiece that topped the viewership charts in 2022, sparking a global craze and poised to succeed "Demon Slayer."

Episodes: 2 volumes

Released: 2021

"SPY x FAMILY: Spy Family" tells the story of the most powerful spy in the West, "Twilight," who is tasked with investigating Eastern conspiracies. A certain politician only attends the prestigious Eastern school, Eden Academy, where his son is enrolled! To carry out the mission, Twilight, under the alias "Loid Forger," first adopts a "daughter," Anya, and then encounters a "wife," Yor, forming a temporary family. He doesn't know that Anya is an experiment with telepathic abilities, known as "Experiment 007," and the seemingly gentle Yor is a professional assassin with the codename "The Sleeping Beauty"! The three keep their true identities hidden from each other, leading a life of warmth in their deceptive family.

9. 《Death Note / デスノート》

Type: Fantasy, Bloody, detective, thriller

Highlights:  It features a captivating competition filled with psychological strategies and thoughtful anticipation. A genius criminal!!!

Episodes: 37 (2 seasons)

Released: 2006

Death Note is a very popular anime following the story of Light Yagami, a genius high schooler who finds a mysterious notebook that kills anyone whose name is written in it. He then sets out on a journey to rid the world of crime by killing those he deems immoral.

Exploring the nature and laws of morality, Death Note asks a lot of big questions. There is excellent character development from Light and some of the supporting cast members. It's easy to follow and fun to watch. One to keep on your list!

8. 《Attack on Titan / 進撃の巨人》

Type: Fantasy, Bloody

Highlights: Over a billion copies sold worldwide, creating a global phenomenon in the anime world.

Episodes: 94 (4 seasons)

Released: 2013

Attack on Titan is an undeniably weird anime that follows the story of Eren Yeager and is set in a world where humans are confined to walled-in cities to protect themselves from skinless, man-eating giants who roam outside (told you it was weird).

Eren's hometown is invaded by these giants and his mother is killed, causing him to go on a mission to exterminate them all and bring peace back to humanity.

Despite the slightly odd concept, the story is original and engaging and the fantasy world created within is full of interesting outfits, battle gear and customs. You won't be disappointed

7. Delicious in Dungeon / ダンジョン飯

Type: Fantasy, Tasty

Highlights: Dungeons, dragons, delicious monster stew!?

Episodes: Unkown (1 Season)

Released: 2024

The manga "Meikyuu Meshi" by Ryouko Kui not only won the championship in the "Kono Manga ga Sugoi! 2016" (This Manga Is Amazing! 2016) German edition but also captivates readers with its captivating blend of fantasy adventure and culinary themes. The story follows Leios, who ventures into a labyrinth to rescue his sister from a dragon but unexpectedly gets attacked deep within, resulting in the loss of money and provisions. Faced with the current situation, Leios proposes the idea of cooking monsters such as slime and mandrake grass. Thus, the group embarks on a fantastical culinary adventure. Following the success of "The Faraway Paladin," this is another isekai gourmet series that has fans eagerly anticipating its release.

6. 《The Promised Neverland /  約束のネバーランド》

Type: Thriller, Suspense

Highlights: Extremely dark, plot twists, live-action film breaks Japanese box office records

Episodes: 23 (2seasons)

Released: 2016

In the orphanage of "Promised Dream Island," three exceptionally gifted 11-year-old children lead a happy and idyllic life: a caring "Mother" looks after them, comfortable rooms, delicious meals, and engaging classes. The only eerie rule is that they cannot step outside the walls into the unknown, to be adopted starting at the age of 6. However, during an unexpected event, the children discover a horrifying secret that the orphanage has hidden for years! The revelation of the darkest, bloodiest truth subverts their world...

5.《Demon Slayer / 鬼滅の刃

Type: Dark Fantasy, Historical Drama, Mystery, Adventure, Battle

Highlights: Demon, Family, a perilous journey to find a cure and avenge those he's lost.

Episodes: 26 (4 seasons)

Released: 2019

The newest anime on this list, Demon Slayer follows Tanjiro Kamado, a teenager who becomes a demon slayer after his family is slaughtered and his younger sister is turned into a demon.

The anime has been so popular, it has spawned several sequel series, a movie and a range of manga comics. The movie alone is one of the highest-grossing Japanese films of all time and there are still seasons to be released!

Judging by its current popularity, it's safe to say Demon Slayer will influence anime culture in years to come. Best check it out while it's still fresh!

4.Non Non Biyori / のんのん日和

Type: Gentle, Carefree, CUTE

Highlights: Take a  laid-back adventure to look at life in modern rural Japan, it is pitch-perfect, and easily lands among our very favourite new shows.

Episodes: 12 + 1 OVA 

Released: 2013

We are introduced to a rural village, Asahigaoka, where Renge Miyauchi, Natsumi, Komari and Sugurumain all of different ages reside. Since the village is so small there is only one school with only one class. A new transfer student, Hotaru, arrives to join the class. The plot mainly focuses on the daily lives of the five students within that class.

This anime also has 13 episodes in the first season and lasts for about 25 minutes. It is one of the more peaceful animes with soothing music and the use of sound. As the story is quite simple it should make it easier for you to practice your listening and possibly even predict the next lines.

3.One Punch Man / ワンパンマン

Type: Fantasy, Superhero, Action

Highlights:  It tells the story of Saitama, a superhero who, because he can defeat any opponent with a single punch, grows bored from a lack of challenge.

Episodes: 12 (25 mins)

Released: 2015

This anime is about Saitama who has a hobby of being a superhero! To pursue his dream, he trained so hard he lost all of his hair... To defeat his enemies, all it takes is one punch from Saitama. However, because he has so much power he has grown bored. Is he able to carry on as One Punch Man?

This anime is rather entertaining as we see enemies flying around because of Saitama's power. Since the series revolves around this concept, it is quite repetitive and this can help increase your listening skills. If you enjoyed the first season don't be afraid to check out the second season!!

2.《Tower of god / 神之塔

Type: ActionAdventureDramaMystery

Highlights: Reach the top, and everything will be yours. At the top of the tower exists everything in this world, and all of it can be yours. You can become a god.

Episodes: 13 (2 seasons)

Released: 2020

The series is about a young boy named Bam who climbs the Tower to reach Rachel. The Tower consists of many levels, each requiring you to pass a test to get past. “Regulars” are those who are chosen and are summoned by the tower and “irregulars” are unchosen. Bam discovers that he is an irregular as he wasn’t summoned but the gates opened up to him.

Although this is a Korean-based manhwa, it was adapted into a Japanese anime. The series contains 13 episodes which goes on for about 25 minutes. It is more on the action side of anime and consists of mysterious characters. As the anime uses a lot of English-based words, it makes it easier for you to understand.

1.Frieren: Beyond Journey's End / 葬送のフリーレン

Episodes: 17 (1 season)

Released: 2023

The story follows Frieren, an elven mage who was part of a group of adventurers that defeated the Demon King and brought peace to the world after a ten-year quest. The group, including Frieren, human hero Himmel, dwarven warrior Eisen, and human priest Heiter, shared a moment watching the Era Meteors—a rare meteor shower that happens once every fifty years—before going their separate ways. Frieren promises to meet them again for a better view the next time the meteors appear. Afterwards, Frieren sets off on a journey to explore the world and learn more about magic.

"Beyond Journey's End" describes the mage,  a mage going through a process of life and death separation. She can only watch her loved ones die without being able to do anything to save them. As she becomes more emotional, she gradually cherishes all encounters. Although it's unclear whether the story becomes more tragic later on, It's purely enjoyable to watch her gradually understand humans, and take new steps, while slowly opening up through interactions with her female apprentice, makes it a piece that carries sadness, helplessness, but also life and appreciation.

Now you have so many anime series to get through, it might be helpful to brush up on your Japanese. 

Luckily for you, we offer group and private courses for all levels. You can take these courses either online or in person at our London offices where you will meet lots of like-minded anime fans.

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