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LingoClass Online Korean School

Our experienced language instructors specialise in assisting students of all skill levels to rapidly grasp the Korean language and communicate with assurance through our online courses. We offer online group courses for beginner levels, focusing on Korean language learning.

Course Dates
Online Course Introduction 
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Taster sessions

🇰🇷Annyeong haseyo!

Uncertain about committing to the whole course? Take the first step with our online Korean taster sessions! Dive into the language, experience our engaging teaching style, and start your rewarding journey today!

To reserve your place, visit the booking section.

*All classes minimum 4 ppl, average 6 ppl, maximum 10 ppl 

Upcoming Online
Course Dates

You can browse our range of weekly Korean group courses online. To view the curriculum for each course in detail, go to the course descriptions section. To reserve your place, visit the booking section.

*All classes minimum 4 ppl, average 6 ppl, maximum 10 ppl 

Our class times in different time zones

7:00-9:00pm.U.K. time

London, U.K.


Paris, FR






Sydney, AU


11:00pm-1:00am.U.K. time

London, U.K.






Sydney, AU




LingoClass Korean Course Summary 

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Course Content
Korean Course Descriptions

To understand what will be covered in this online course, simply click on your chosen level below. Once you've found the right course for you, visit the booking section to reserve a space.

  • Japanese Beginner Level 1
    In the 6 week course you will explore a variety of interesting topics: ​ Lesson 1: Introducing yourself / Greeting in Japanese Culture: How to greet to people in Japan Lesson 2: Asking for directions-1 Culture: Tips for cheap travel in Japan Lesson 3: Asking for directions-2 Culture: Subway stations in Japan Lesson 4: Shopping in Japan-1(asking for the price) Culture: Gift giving culture in Japan Lesson 5: Shopping in Japan-2(clothing shopping) Culture: Japanese traditional clothing Lesson 6: Convenience stores and restaurants Culture: Do and Do not in Japan
  • Japanese Upper Beginner Level 1 (JLPT N5-N1)
    Over the 10 week course you will explore a variety of interesting topics: ​ Lesson 1: Respond to greetings Lesson 2: At the electronics store 1 Lesson 3: Using question words in Japanese Lesson 4: At the electronics store 2 Lesson 5: Counter suffix in Japanese Lesson 6: Yesterday’s shopping 1 Lesson 7: Past affirmative and past negative Lesson 8: Yesterday’s shopping 2 Lesson 9: Emphasize an action was not / is not / will not be done at all Lesson 10: Final revision & culture activity
  • Chinese Beginner Level 1
    In the 6 week course you will explore a variety of interesting topics: Greeting How to introduce one’s name and nationality Expressing time, years, months and dates How to ask prices and talk about money Ordering food, making requests and paying the bill Talking about family, occupations and age How to make and answer phone calls
  • Chinese Upper Beginner Level 1 (HSK 2)
    Chinese Uppper Beginner Level 1 is ideal for anyone around HSK2 level. This means the student can read some basic Chinese characters and is able to greet people, introduce oneself and understand simple phrases. To find out what level you are, you can take our free HSK Level Quiz.
  • Chinese Intermediate Level 1 (HSK 3)
    Chinese Intermediate Level 1 is ideal for anyone around HSK3 level. This means the student can confidently read simple Chinese characters and can participate in simple conversations about a variety of topics. To find out what level you are, you can take our free HSK Level Quiz.
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We love teaching Korean and it's our view that our school wouldn't be what it is without its students. We' put a lot of work into making our Korean courses the best they can be and positive reviews mean the world to us. As such we're very proud of our Google ranking and are dedicated to helping it grow further. We hope you will join us and leave a review of your own very soon!

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Our 5 Star Reviews
Korean Review.png
Elle Farrell-Kingsley

"I took the intensive beginner lessons with Jiyeon and wow — what a wonderful course! In just three weeks, I went from beginner to being able to confidently speak very basic Korean and even more impressively, write in Hangul. The class goes at a fast pace, packing in loads but there’s plenty of time for reviews to help supplement the learning.

Thank you so much for the brilliant sessions, the entire team was very accommodating and supported my difficulties in getting there some dates due the train strikes.

Highly recommend and I can’t wait to go up to the next class!!"

Korean Course Certificates

After completing your language course you will be issued a LingoClass certificate acknowledging which level you have reached. Certificates start out white for beginner level and go all the way up to gold for higher level language learning. 

You can browse the range of certificates below. We hope you will make it all the way to the top!

LingoClass Asian Language Certificate Wh

White Certificate

After completing the beginner level course you will be awarded the white level certificate. This is the first step of your journey.

LingoClass Asian Language Certificate Br

Bronze Certificate

After completing the upper beginner level course you will be awarded the bronze level certificate. This shows true dedication to the language.


Silver Certificate

After completing the intermediate level course you will be awarded the silver level certificate. You will now be able to hold a conversation and communicate effectively in a variety of situations..

LingoClass Asian Language Certificate Go

Gold Certificate

After completing the upper intermediate  level course you will be awarded the gold level certificate. You are now well on the road to fluency. Keep up the good work!

Why LingoClass?

Why you should learn Korean online with us...

Regardless where you are, booking time with a professional Korean tutor has many great benefits. Not only does it help you meet loads of fellow Korean language enthusiasts from all over the world, taking Korean lessons can also boost your CV, increase your skillset and allow you to work and travel in an entirely new environment, understanding Korean culture on a deeper level and having fun along the way. Check out some of our favourite reasons for studying Korean below!

Korean Street Neon Signs

Study Korean Culture

Aside from being the 13th largest economy in the world, South Korea is a beautiful and dynamic country with a rich and interesting culture to explore. If you want to travel to Korea to study, work or even do business, you may want to consider learning the Korean language online with LingoClass where our tutors can help you learn quickly.

To begin your dive into Korean culture, why not check out our article about the best K-Dramas for Korean learners?

Learn Korean for K-Pop!

K-Pop culture has exploded over the last few years and many of our Korean students love to follow the industry and keep up to date with K-Pop news. Many of our teachers also have a deep interest and use K-Pop as a way to help students learn the Korean language. After all, if you can understand something you're passionate about in an entirely new language, it can be a very rewarding experience. 

At LingoClass, we want our Korean lessons to be fun AND educational so we often use elements of Korean music and drama to keep things interesting!

bts-6069631_1920 (1).jpg

Learning Korean is Easy!

The Korean alphabet (Hangeul) is really easy to learn, with many of our Korean students mastering it in an hour or two. Unlike Chinese or Japanese characters, all Korean characters are combinations of straight lines and circles. Furthermore, there are no specific intonations to learn, so you can spend more time getting to grips with new words and Korean culture. 

You can speak Korean as well as them!

Student's story - Monica Davis

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