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Top Tips for Foreigners
Dating Korean
Oppas and Girls :

Unlock the Secrets to Korean Romance!


Welcome to the whirlwind world of dating in South Korea, where love comes with a side of kimchi and soju-fueled adventures. Whether you're a foreigner seeking romance or already head over heels for a Korean oh-ba or sweetheart, buckle up for a rollercoaster ride through the unique Korean dating culture. In this article, we'll dive into some practical tips to help you navigate the maze of love. Even if you don't plan on dating in Korea. You'll discover facts related to romantic relationships between foreigners and Koreans."  We hope you find them beneficial and interesting:)

1. Dating a Korean Guy: Key Tips to Know

dating korean guy

Dating a Korean oppa can be fascinating for various reasons. You might have fallen for the charm of K-pop idols or K-drama actors. However, their behaviour can be unpredictable and hard to understand. They might be affectionate one day and say goodbye the next, or disappear for weeks and then reappear as if nothing happened. It would be helpful if you can read the mind:)

Understanding the Approach

Korean men might not ask you out directly due to cultural differences, often being shy around strangers. If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to make the first move. Approaching them can be well-received.


Embrace Constant Communication

Korean men love staying in touch via texts and social media. Frequent updates and messages are common, reflecting their keen interest. So, feel free to text after dates and keep the conversation going.

Navigating Who Pays

Traditionally, Korean men might insist on paying for the first date, but modern couples often split costs or take turns. Offering to pay at the second stop is a good strategy to gauge their preference.


Respect and the “Oppa” Dynamic

The term “Oppa” signifies respect and affection. Korean men often take on a protective role in relationships, showing chivalry by pulling out chairs or offering their coats. However, some might expect you to be more reserved and deferential.

Possessiveness and Male Friends

Korean men might be more possessive and less comfortable with their partners having close male friends. Reassuring them about your commitment can help maintain harmony.

These insights can help you navigate dating a Korean guy, making your relationship smoother and more enjoyable.

Korean Boyfriends: What to Expect

Being Spoiled

Korean men often treat their partners like royalty, with gestures like buying expensive gifts, booking spa tickets, sending flowers, and ensuring you’re well-fed and rested. Their chivalry might make you feel like you’re dating a Disney prince.

Interracial Relationships

Contrary to stereotypes, many Korean men are open to dating women of different races and ethnicities. They appreciate the cultural exchange and are often eager to learn new languages. So, if you’re a foreign woman interested in a Korean guy, don’t hesitate to make the first move!

2. Dating a Korean Girl: Key Tips to Know

dating korean girl

Korean women are known for their glowing skin, big eyes, and petite faces, which are exotic enough to make them stand out. In terms of personality, they are often shy around men, keen observers, and highly educated, reflecting their culture's emphasis on modesty and learning. Additionally, they are adept at dating, often displaying a charming and mysterious demeanour until they commit to a relationship, making the dating experience both exciting and engaging.


Foreigners, especially young white men, may be perceived as playboys. Be aware of this and work to build trust.


Your Korean girlfriend might want to check your phone or social media to ensure you’re not dating other women. Transparency can help build her trust.

Pace of Relationship

Korean women often prefer to take things slowly at the beginning to avoid being seen as "easy." Show respect and patience.

Who Pays

Traditionally, men pay for dates, but modern Korean women might offer to pay for dessert or drinks. Be prepared to pay for most dates, but accept her offers if she wants to contribute.

Looking for little Gifts

Lavish gifts are appreciated on dates and special occasions such as birthdays and Korean holidays like Valentine’s Day and White Day. More importantly. anniversaries!

Korean Girlfriends: What to Expect

Social Media

Expect to compete on social media. Your dates and gifts might be posted online, adding a layer of public pressure to your relationship.


Many Korean women are highly educated and value intellectual conversations. Be prepared to engage in thoughtful discussions.

3. Finding Love Through Apps

While traditionally conservative, Koreans are increasingly using dating apps to find partners. Popular apps like Boo, Noondate, Tinder, and KoreanCupid facilitate connections both within Korea and internationally, reflecting the growing acceptance of online dating.

  • According to The Korea Times, more than 42% of Koreans in their 30s are unmarried.

  • Overall,  in the young generation between 20 and 35 years old, around 23% of the surveyed South Korean men, and 18% of South Korean ladies used mobile dating apps. 


4. Love on the Express Lane

korean dating

How Koreans Roll!"

Ever felt like love is served faster than a Korean barbecue? In South Korea, the dating game is all about speed! Picture this: a guy catches even a whiff of interest in a girl, and bam! He's already making his move, leaving her thinking, "Well, that escalated quickly!"

Korean guys don't waste time with wishy-washy feelings. Nope, they're more direct than a K-pop dance routine! And forget about group dates – it's all about that one-on-one action. Coffee dates, movie nights, and dinner dates are the norm. If sparks fly and both parties are vibing, they don't hesitate to jump on the relationship train faster than you can say "Kimchi!"So buckle up, because in Korea, love waits for no one – it's LOVE on the express lane!

korean dating

5. The Unwritten Rules: Celebrating Every Milestone


In addition to these monthly celebrations, Korean couples also celebrate significant relationship milestones, such as 100, 200, 300, 500, and 1000-day anniversaries. These occasions often involve flowers, gifts, and special dates planned by the partner. Traditional holidays like Valentine’s Day, White Day, and Christmas are significant, where couples go all out to show their love.

Korean dating culture includes unique celebrations on the 14th of each month:

  • January 14 - Diary Day: Couples exchange diaries to mark important dates and plan their year together.

  • February 14 - Valentine’s Day: Women give gifts to men, typically chocolates or flowers.

  • March 14 - White Day: Men reciprocate Valentine’s Day gifts, often with sweets or other presents.

  • April 14 - Black Day: Singles eat black-coloured food like Jjajangmyeon to commiserate their single status.

  • May 14 - Yellow & Rose Day: Singles wear yellow to attract attention, and couples exchange roses.

  • June 14 - Kiss Day: Couples celebrate with kisses, often sharing their moments on social media.

  • July 14 - Silver Day: Couples exchange silver jewellery, symbolizing a serious relationship.

  • August 14 - Green Day: Couples and singles enjoy nature, often with a bottle of soju.

  • September 14 - Music & Photo Day: Couples enjoy music together and take memorable photos.

  • October 14 - Wine Day: Couples share wine, creating a romantic atmosphere.

  • November 11 - Pepero Day: Friends and couples exchange Pepero sticks, symbolizing long and healthy lives.

  • November 14 - Movie Day: Couples watch movies together, either in theatres or at home.

  • December 14 - Hug Day: A day for couples to hug and keep warm in the cold winter.

  • December 25 - Christmas: Couples celebrate with extravagant gifts and dates.

6. Show Korean your affection?

Get Close to Korean 

  • Respect Public Displays of Affection (PDA): Holding hands is fine, but more intimate gestures like kissing are less common in public.

  • Quality Time: Spend time together doing activities they enjoy, like exploring places or enjoying meals together.

  • Thoughtful Gestures: Small actions like asking if they've eaten or remembering important dates show you care.

  • Respect Family Importance: Understand and respect the role of family in their life.


7. Get Ready for Some Serious Couple Cuteness: Nicknames!

Brace yourselves, everyone! The cuteness overload is coming! ❤️

We're looking into the super affectionate nicknames Korean couples use and their meanings!

"Joo Joo" (Piggy) Many Korean couples call each other "my piggy" (우리 돼지). The hidden meaning? "You look so cute when you eat!" This term is both intimate and playful.


"Hubby" / "Wifey" It’s common for Korean couples to call each other "hubby" (여보) and "wifey." Hearing Korean girls say "여보" is enough to melt my heart! This term usually indicates a desire to marry, as it’s typically used after marriage.


"Dear" / "Darling" Calling each other "dear" (친애하는) keeps the spark alive, reminiscent of the early days of the relationship. It’s super sweet, though a bit cheesy. I think it’s especially charming when a younger guy calls an older girl this—it’s got a unique charm!

"Oppa" (오빠) and "Annie" (언니) are often very dependent on each other, seeing the other as their haven. It’s full of hope for the future. Korean guys calling their girlfriends "누나" (noona) is incredibly charming. Remember GD singing "누나 누나야" to Ji Hyo? 

"Baby" (애기) is quite common. It shows a desire to care for the other person, seeing them as cute and precious. In China, couples often use "宝贝" (baby), which sounds very sweet. But "宝贝儿" might sound a bit off—just my opinion, no offence!


"Princess" / "Prince" Apparently, couples who call each other "princess" (공주) and "prince" (왕자) are often very good-looking because this level of cheesiness isn't for everyone. Imagine a couple near you using these terms—it’s a bit cringey, right? But occasionally saying "우리 공주님" (our princess) in Korean can be very endearing and is sure to delight any girl!


Enjoy these adorable terms and maybe try them out with your significant other! ❤️

8. Overcome the language barrier

KPop Fan Club

Should you learn Korean when dating a Korean ?​

Learning Korean can be very beneficial if you’re dating a Korean. Not only does it enhance communication, but it also allows you to better understand the culture and enjoy experiences like ordering in Korean restaurants and reading signs during dates. Additionally, it shows respect and effort towards your partner's language and background.

Learn the basics:

Text her in Korean:

Don’t try too hard to impress 

You might think the only way to impress a Korean is simply by following the tips above. Sadly, you'll need more to build some chemistry. The process of practising open communication and developing trust requires time and consistent connection. Being yourself and being natural is one of the ways to get a Japanese to like you. Trying too hard to impress her may lead to an uncomfortable experience.


Get prepared and be confident!!

Green Reflection

Now you have the most important things you need to know before dating a Korean! We know this can be intimidating but it is important to remember that they will respect you for trying to communicate with them in their language.

For more help mastering this situation and others, you can book some Korean lessons with one of our teachers. We also run tons of cultural experiences so get ready to immerse yourself in the Eastern world!  

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