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Japanese Master Quiz

Do you love Japanese and all things Japan? Perhaps you're a die hard anime fan or just want to learn more about Japanese culture. Well now you can find out how much you know by testing yourself  on our free Japanese Quiz!


Are you the next Japanese culture master? See how you rank on our leader board!

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If you love all things Japan then you may enjoy some of our other Japanese content. At LingoClass we want to help our students dive into Japanese culture not just by learning Japanese language but also by exploring important aspects of society such as anime, traditional dress and food.

Check out some of these links to get a real flavour of what LingoClass is all about. We hope you'll come and meet us in person to find out more!

So you've tested your knowledge of Japanese trivia but how much do you know about the Japanese language? To truly understand Japanese culture, it is important to learn some Japanese!

Luckily, LingoClass has got you covered. We offer group and private tuition both on and offline, so whether you want to study one-on-one with a personal Japanese teacher or attend group lessons with like-minded students, you can book some time with us today and know you're getting a first rate Japanese learning experience!

We hope to see you soon :)

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