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LingoClass Korean Alphabet Quiz

This Korean Alphabet quiz is designed to test your Korean alphabet (hangul) knowledge which is known as the foundation of Korean language learning. 

Results are instant and completely free. We often use this form of Korean self-assessment to help students find their current Korean language level quickly and effectively!  Eventually, finding the correct level of group class to attend and benefit from it:)

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Please attempt to answer every question below. If you do not understand a question, please do not attempt making a guess, you can simply move on by selecting "I do not understand this question" as this will give you the most accurate results.

Good luck!

It can be hard to assess someone's Korean language ability with complete accuracy using a short online test. If you're interested in studying with us, our teachers can help you to more thoroughly understand and build upon your current level.

We hope to see you soon!

What's next?

You might have noticed that knowing the Korean alphabet is the very first step in learning Korean. 

We've also developed free Korean vocabulary & listening level quizzes to test your ability through videos and multiple choices. Find out more below!

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How Can I Improve my Korean Level?

If you've already taken the test you should have some idea of your current level and may wish to improve it by attending one of our Korean courses. We have a lot of experience in helping students find and improve on their existing Korean abilities but there are also many options for self-study.

YouTube and Apps can be great resources for this if you wish to study at home and we'll be here to support you all the way. Check out our other free resources below!

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