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TOP 10 Easy Chinese Songs
Help Survive Karaoke Party

Time to impress your Chinese friends at a Karaoke party

Karaoke, also known as KTV, enjoys immense popularity in China, Japan and across much of Asia. In contrast to the more public karaoke scene in the West, KTV in China usually entails reserving a private room at a karaoke establishment with a circle of friends and indulging in singing sessions for a few hours. It's quite common for coworkers and business associates to build relationships through shared karaoke experiences as well.


Here are the ten songs that we have sorted based on popularity. They are all easy to sing with simple melodies and narrow vocal ranges. Even those who are tone-deaf can sing them decently with a loud voice. These songs are known by most Chinese and are prepared specifically for friends who can't carry a tune. Be sure to jot them down to prevent forgetting, practice secretly, and surprise your family and friends by singing together during holidays!

10. Perfect Match 《豆浆油条》-  林俊杰(JJ lin)

"我知道, 你和我, 就像是豆浆油条. "
"Wǒ zhīdào, nǐ hé wǒ, jiù xiàng shì dòu jiāng yóutiáo."
"I know you and I are just like soy milk and dough sticks."

Difficulty level: 

Youtube Views: 3.6M

"Perfect Match" might sound cliché, but it brings a deeply satisfying feeling—just like the combination of salty, deep-fried youtiao and soy milk sung about by Singaporean pop star JJ Lin. Roughly speaking, the perfect love is like the combination of youtiao and soy milk, complementing and supporting each other. Sharing youtiao and soy milk symbolizes the profound connection of your love and emotions, with "you in me" representing the intertwined nature of your relationship. Additionally, there's a bonus for the sweet, practical vocabulary it offers!

"后来, 终于在眼泪中明白, 有些人, 一旦错过就不再."
​"Hòulái, zhōngyú zài yǎnlèi zhōng míngbái, yǒuxiē rén, yídàn cuòguò jiù bùzài."

"Eventually, I finally understood amidst tears, Some people, once missed, will never return."

Difficulty level: 

Youtube Views: 81M

What makes "Later" stand out with over 81 million views on YouTube alone? Countless people have chosen this song at KTV, slowly singing lyrics that tell their own stories. Perhaps the biggest charm of this song is its ability to make most listeners feel like they're singing their own story. Whether it's the romantic fervour of youth or the heart-wrenching pain of heartbreak, "Later" can be a comforting companion. However, this song may be more suitable for female singers; boys' thoughts aren't as delicate, and when they sing it, it always feels like something is missing...

9. A Little Happiness 《小幸运》 - 田馥甄 (Hebe)

"原来你是, 我最想留住的幸运."
​"Yuánlái nǐ shì, wǒ zuì xiǎng liúzhù de xìngyùn."
"Turns out you're the fortune I wanna hold." 

Difficulty level: 

Youtube Views: 81M

"A Little Happiness" is a standard hit that captivates audiences. The success of this song isn't just attributed to its lyrics and melody, but also to the success of the movie "Our Times." With perfect timing, this song performed by Tian Fu Zhen(Hebe) became the first Mandarin pop song on YouTube to surpass one billion views in 2016. Its widespread popularity makes it a song almost everyone knows how to sing, right? The lyrics are detailed, like narrating a regretful youth's throbbing memories, taking us back to those youthful years filled with nostalgia. Such a beautiful song! Learning it guarantees a chance to shine on stage.

​"Shì nǐ ràng wǒ xiǎng yào měi tiān wèi nǐ xiě yì shǒu qínggē."
"It's you who make me want to write a love song for you every day."

Difficulty level: 

Youtube Views: 157M

How classic is this song? Even the original artist Wang Sulong admits that "A Bit Sweet" is hard to surpass. This duet, which became popular immediately upon its release, has now garnered over a hundred million views on YouTube alone! It's also a must-sing song in KTV, dominating the top ten charts for over a decade, proving its immense popularity. Learning this song not only allows you to sing sweetly with your loved one on any occasion but also is easy to master. It's a guaranteed hit! So, get ready to start practising!

​"Nǐ shì wǒ de xiǎo yā xiǎo píngguǒ ér."
"You are my little, oh, little apple."

Difficulty level: 

Youtube Views: 73M

"Little Apple" by the Chopstick Brothers is my favourite Chinese song! It's catchy and fun, with an addictive charm that you just can't stop! The initial inspiration for this song was to accompany a scene in the movie "Old Boys: The Way of the Dragon." The Chopstick Brothers have always wanted to incorporate diverse elements into their music, as they grew up listening to disco tracks by artists like Hodong and Mengshi. Therefore, they chose a retro rhythm paired with catchy elements as a tribute to pop music and a nostalgic nod to their youth.

5.  Tenderness 《温柔》- 五月天 (Mayday)

"不打扰, 是我的温柔"
"Bù dǎrǎo, shì wǒ de wēnróu."
"It's my tenderness without disturbing."

Difficulty level: 

Youtube Views: 21M

"Tenderness" was originally a rock song, but in reality, it leans more towards a love song. With Ashin's heartfelt singing style accompanied by the melancholic melody, it's unknown how many people have sung blessings to the person they once loved. Just like the lyrics "letting you go," within the layers of emotional progression, it brings tears to one's eyes.

3. Marry Me Today《今天你要嫁给我》
- 陶喆(David Tao) x  蔡依林 (Jolin Tsai)

"昨天你来不及, 明天就会可惜, 今天嫁给我好吗?"
​"Zuótiān nǐ lái bùjí, míngtiān jiù huì kěxī, jīntiān jià gěi wǒ hǎo ma?"

”it's already too late for yesterday, and tomorrow would be a pity,
so how about marrying me today?"

Difficulty level: 

Youtube Views: 13M

"Today You Will Marry Me" is a classic of all time performed by David Tao and Jolin Tsai. Featuring a lively melody and heartwarming lyrics, the song tells the love story between the two. It exudes a romantic atmosphere, filled with promises and expectations for each other. Due to the romantic interaction coming from the song itself, it has become a classic in the hearts of many, often sung at weddings, romantic occasions, and in KTV sessions.

4.  Tenderness《月亮代表我的心》- 邓丽君(Teresa Teng)

​"Nǐ qù xiǎng yī xiǎng, nǐ qù kàn yī kàn, yuèliang dàibiǎo wǒ de xīn..."
"Take a moment to ponder, take a moment to glance, The moon symbolizes my heart…"

Difficulty level: 

Youtube Views: 22M

A timeless classic popularized by Taiwanese singer Teresa Teng in the 1970s, "The Moon Represents My Heart" stands as one of the most iconic love songs in the history of China and Taiwan. Its chorus features simple words repeated multiple times:

"You go think a bit, You go look a bit, The moon represents my heart…"

2.  Happy Worshipby 《快乐崇拜》
- 潘玮柏(Wil Pan) 张韶涵(Angela Chang)

“相恋的失恋的请跟我来, 一边跳一边向快乐崇拜.”
​"Xiāngliàn de shīliàn de qǐng gēn wǒ lái, yībiān tiào yībiān xiàng kuàilè chóngbài."
""Follow me, whether in love or heartbreak, Let's dance and worship happiness together."

Difficulty level: 

Youtube Views: 4.5M

For those seeking a new challenge after mastering other songs, "Happy Worship" offers an exciting opportunity. This Chinese hip-hop track features Wil Pan's rap skills alongside Angela Chang's vocals. While still incorporating relatively simple lyrics with repeated phrases, this song presents a more advanced level of difficulty—and plenty of enjoyment.

In essence, it's a Chinese rap song that's perfect for those ready to take on a challenge.

1. Friend《朋友》-  周华健(Wakin Chau) 

​"Péngyǒu yīshēng yīqǐ zǒu."
"Friends will walk on hand in hand."

Difficulty level: 

Youtube Views: 40M

"Friend" is a pop/rock crossover hit often chosen for karaoke. In rapidly changing China, finding a 1997 song in the 'oldies' is common.

The lyrics reminisce about friendship and bygone days: "Friends together for life, those days won’t come again, a single word, a single lifetime, a single life of brotherly love, a single glass of wine."

This song is particularly popular among those less confident in their singing abilities. Wakin Chau’s energetic style means you can essentially speak or half-sing it, making it perfect when you've run out of ways to politely refuse.

Live Performance

Now you have a list full of easy and popular Chinese songs you can practice before a Koraoke party. We know this can be intimidating but it is important to remember that they will respect you for trying to communicate with them in their language.

For more help mastering this situation and others, you can book some Mandarin lessons with one of our teachers. We also run tons of cultural experiences so get ready to immerse yourself in the Eastern world!  

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