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Top 6 Best 
Bubble Tea 
Around the World

Black Bubble Tea

Originally from Taiwan, bubble tea, also known as Boba tea, is crafted from a blend of milk, sugar, tea, and tapioca pearls. This concoction yields a sweet and caffeinated beverage, enhanced by the delightful textural element of the pearls.

Bubble tea beverages boast a diverse array of flavours, offering a choice of various tea bases such as black, green, or oolong. Additionally, they can be customized with or without dairy, sweeteners, and the iconic tapioca pearls, providing a wide range of options based on the preferred preparation.

Colorful Bubble Teas

Right before you move on to our most loved top 6 best bubble teas worldwide, you might have noticed that you can customize your drink from sweetness levels, and ice, to toppings based on personal preferences! We would like to save you from the awkward situation of wanting to order a drink but not knowing how to communicate in Chinese. It compiles versatile sentence patterns and commonly used vocabulary. Good luck and enjoy your drink!!!


Hello, What would you like to order?

您好,请问要点些什么呢? (nin hao, qing wen yao dian xie shi me ne?)


I will have a bubble milk tea, please.

我想点一杯珍珠奶茶。(wo xiang dian yi bei zhen zhu nai cha 。)

Would you like your drink hot or cold?

请问您的饮料是要热的还是冰的呢? (qing wen nin de yin liao shi yao re de hai shi bing de ne?)


1st First Step:

Drink Base (饮料种类 / yin liao zhong lei)

红茶 / hong cha  ➡ black tea

绿茶 / lu cha  ➡ green tea

奶茶 / nai cha  ➡ milk tea

百香果汁 / bai xiang guo zhi ➡ passion fruit juice


2nd Second Step:

Toppings (加料 / jia liao) 

       珍珠 / zhen zhu  ➡ tapioca pearl

仙草 / xian cao  ➡ grass jelly

   椰果 / ye guo  ➡ coconut jelly


3rd Third Step:

Sweetness Level (饮料甜度 / yin liao tian du )


全糖 / quan tang  ➡ full sugar (100%)

少糖 / shao tang  ➡ less sugar (70%)

半糖 / ban tang  ➡ half sugar (50%)

微糖 / wei tang  ➡ quarter sugar (30%)

无糖 / wu tang  ➡ sugar-free or no sugar (0%)

4th Forth Step: 

Ice Level (冰块 / bing kuai )

正常冰 / zheng chang bing ➡ regular ice (100%)

少冰 / shao bing  ➡ less ice (70%)

  微冰 / wei bing ➡ a little ice (30%)

去冰 / qu bing  ➡ no ice (0%)


Let's try ordering!

I’d like to order a black tea with tapioca pearl, less sugar, and ice-free, thank you

我要一杯红茶加珍珠去冰少糖,谢谢。(wo yao yi bei hong cha jia zhen zhu qu bing shao tang, xie xie 。)

6. T4 | 清茶达人

Highlights: World-known, creative drinks, Classic Taiwanese teas.

Recommendations: Pearl Milk Tea / Winter Melon / Ice Cooler



The renowned "T4 Tea Master," often called the "F4 of the Bubble Tea World," has left its mark in eight countries worldwide, including the United States, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Colombia, Australia, and Spain.

Originating from the Fengyuan Temple East Night Market in Taichung, Taiwan. The four Fs on the wall (Fresh, Fashion, Favor, and Flavor ) represent the origin of F4!


Each cup of T4 tea resembles the iconic Tiffany blue colour. As a loyal fan of T4 Tea Master, we recently discovered that it has undergone a makeover worldwide! The entire shop has a stunning and romantic ambience. Beautiful designs and beautiful drinks equal beautiful moods. You're not gonna regret grabbing a cup at T4!

5. CoCo都可

Highlights: World-known, handcrafted bubble teas and fresh fruit beverages, extensive menu


3 Guys/ Japanese Matcha Milk Tea with Red Beans / Bubble Gaga 



CoCo都可 (English: CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice), originally named "都可茶飲", is a chain of beverage shops established in Tamsui District, New Taipei City, Taiwan. The brand has expanded its presence with stores in Asia, the South Pacific, and North America, totalling over 4,500 branches globally. 

They specialize in a variety of handcrafted bubble teas and fresh fruit beverages. CoCo is renowned for its extensive menu, allowing customers to customize their drinks by choosing different tea bases, sweetness levels, and toppings such as pearls (boba), pudding, and more.

CoCo has gained popularity in Taiwan and internationally, the brand's success is attributed to its commitment to cater to diverse taste preferences.

4. 茶​ Heytea

Highlights: World-known, Cheese Teas, Desingers-driven.

Recommendations: Very Grape Cheezo / Strawberry Mulberry-Noir Tea / Roasted Brown Bobo Milk


Since starting in 2017, the Chinese tea beverage brand Heytea has reached its peak, with customers sometimes having to wait in line for up to three hours to get their hands on a drink.


Heytea is best known for its "Inspiration Tea," and its slogan, "Inspiration comes unexpectedly," gained tremendous fame in the market. On average, Heytea sells 2,000 drinks per day in each of its stores, and it has a total of 304 stores worldwide. While most of its locations are in Chinese cities, there are plans for expansion in Singapore and Japan. 

Let's explore what this "LV of the bubble tea world" has to offer!

"The Day Dreamer Project"

"Do you dare to dream?" is the slogan they encouraged young people to dream big. Heytea's"Day Dreamer Project" within the store's "third space." They collaborate with artists and designers from various fields worldwide, creating unique stores. This ensures each Heytea's store has a different design style, allowing people to visit and check in at these stores during their travels.


Heytea's tea beverage inventory is several times that of its currently available products. In just one year, Xicha has developed 48 new items, a number that other bubble tea brands cannot reach. This model keeps everyone highly interested in Heytea, allowing the expansion of stores one by one, bringing their customers creative drinks every season.

3. 貢茶Gong cha

Highlights: World-known, Award-winning, Tea selection

Recommendations: Brewed tea series / QQ Passionfruit Green Tea /  Taro milk tea 


One of the brand's recent unique offerings reflects French inspiration – the crème brulee dolce coffee drink. However, while Gong cha is known for its innovative creations, not every experiment is a hit. A recent example is their tomato bubble tea, created in collaboration with Heinz, featuring ketchup-flavoured boba, a choice that left some with regrets, lamo!

Great Tea, From Taiwan to the World

Gong cha is another prominent bubble tea brand, and its name translates roughly to "tribute tea for the emperor." Established in 1996 by two close friends, Gong Cha has been a longstanding player in the bubble tea industry. It gained recognition for being among the first to introduce innovative flavours, recipes, and toppings, such as its mango-popping boba, all built on a foundation of high-quality tea.

Gong cha's commitment to freshness is evident in their continuous preparation of pearls, or tapioca, throughout the day. This ensures that customers never receive stale or old boba in their drinks.


2. 鹿角巷The Alley

The Alley is a new concept bubble tea brand originating from Taoyuan, Taiwan. It seeks to overturn your impression of bubble tea with impactful visuals and flavours. The brand insists on using cane sugar. By picking completely natural, high-quality sugar canes, the boiling process in-house creates the most original flavour, ensuring a sweet taste without overly cloying. 

"A good cup of tea is hidden within everyone’s heart"

With four branches since its launch, The Alley aims to satisfy visual and taste preferences. If you're looking for a place to capture beautiful photos and enjoy delicious drinks, The Alleyis is the perfect choice!

Highlights: Hand-picking tea leaves,  Handcrafted living designs

Recommendations: Aurora tea series  


Signature drinks such as the popular gradient beverage "Aurora," which has gained popularity across Asia, and the meticulously brewed Pearl Milk Tea, where black sugar syrup and pearls blend after simmering for two hours, have become favourites. The recent trend of potted milk tea is also offered, providing a unique flavour rarely found in typical Japanese beverages.


1. 日出茶太 Chatime

Highlights: Chatime Tea Lab, Sustainable tea, Different fermentation tea options

Recommendations: Grass jelly with fresh milk / Black tea mousse 


Chatime is the world’s largest and the UK’s favourite Tea specialist and offers a wide selection of their famous speciality teas that are made with only the high quality ingredients (including fruit teas, milk teas and coolers)!

Moving on to our next stop is Chatime, another Taiwanese bubble tea brand established in 2005. With a presence in 38 countries and over 2,500 locations, Chatime has built a reputation over the years, serving millions of customers. While the brand is widely recognized and has a long history of service, it is not particularly renowned for its beverages. One notable initiative from Chatime is the Chatime Tea Lab, which focuses on ensuring transparency in every stage of the production process, from the tea farm to the retail outlets. The tea used by the brand is cultivated in the central mountain area of Nantou County in Taiwan.

Colorful Bubble Teas

Now you have a list of the Top 6 most recommended Bubble tea shops worldwide, get ready with your drink hunt.

Luckily, we now offer group and private courses for all levels. You can take these courses either online or in person at our London offices where you will meet lots of like-minded Bubble tea fans.

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