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LingoClass Mandarin HSK Level Quiz

This Mandarin level quiz is based on official HSK testing criteria and is designed to help students find their current Chinese language level quickly and effectively!

Results are instant and completely free. In fact, we often use this form of Mandarin self-assessment to help place students into our Chinese group classes and it was such a good tool we couldn't keep it to ourselves :)

Please attempt to answer every question below. The test is deigned to be too difficult for certain levels to complete so if you do not understand a question then don't attempt to guess it, you can simply move on by selecting "I do not understand this question" as this will give you the most accurate results.

Good luck!

Please note it is very difficult to accurately assess someone's Chinese ability from a short online test. If you are interested in studying with us, our teachers can help you to more thoroughly understand and build upon your current level.

We hope to see you soon!

Chinese reaing level test

What is My Chinese Reading Level?

Learning a new language is never easy. Your vocabulary changes daily as you pick up (and sometimes forget) new information. Without the support of a professional teacher it can be difficult to know what your current Chinese level actually is, how far you've progressed and what level Mandarin class would be most suitable for you.

Thankfully this quiz can help you find your current Chinese reading level quickly and easily. It tests your Chinese reading comprehension and gives you a score based on how many answers you get right.

What is My Mandarin Listening Level?

Understanding your Chinese listening comprehension level can be even harder than understanding your reading ability because you often need a native-speaking teacher or friend to tell you if and when you make a mistake. 

To help you  better understand your listening skills we've also developed a free Chinese listening level quiz designed to test your listening ability using videos and multiple choice questions. Answers are also based on official HSK criteria. Find out more below!

Korean Language Podcasts
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How Can I Improve my HSK Level?

If you've already taken the quiz you should have some idea of your current HSK level and may wish to improve it by joining one of our Mandarin courses. We have years of experience helping students assess and improve on their Chinese language skills and pass the HSK exam.

There are also many options for self study if you want to start out on your own or even just supplement your classroom learning. Either way we're here to support you! Check out our other free resources below.

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